Uncategorized27 Sep 2019

A New Twist

The bun, the twist and the knot all became popular go-to hair styles last season and although there have been a few tweaks made throughout the season, these looks have stuck around. The biggest trend for buns, twists and knots is now a more perfected look. We saw buns get bigger and messier throughout the season but now the look is very neat. A strong center part or dramatic side part are very popular with this refined look.

  • To get this look:
  • Start by creating a smooth ponytail; however high or low you would like
  • Use hairspray, a light gel or paste to catch any flyaways and smooth out any bumps as you comb
  • Tightly twist from the base of your ponytail
  • Use hairspray, gel or paste again to smooth down any shorter hairs that stick out while twisting
  • Wrap the twisted ponytail around itself creating a tight bun
  • Slide hair pins into the base of the bun to secure the ends
  • Spray with hairspray to finish the look

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