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Bid Adieus to Hair Color Woes with Magic of Keratin

Bored with your hair cut and other beauty choices? Looking for an easy and trendy way to pepper up the way you look? Either way, colouring your hair is the ideal way to look sassy and stylish. But if you’re thinking about the side effects and the hassles of maintaining it, let’s take you through the myths of hair colouring that you must ignore.

  1. Colouring hair will damage it
    Many believe in the misconception that colouring hair results in hair loss. But the fact is global hair colors add style to your entire look but ammonia damages hair. Therefore, for a damage-free experience opt for ammonia-free colours. GK Hair Juvexin Lightening Cream will bleach your hair before applying coloring, without turning your hair dry or brittle. To get the best colour experience go for GK Hair Juvexin enriched hair color which will offer the goodness of juvexin and ceramides together leaving your hair soft, lustrous and strong.
  2. Color treated hair need more than just shampoo
    Yes, once getting your hair dyed you must use color-treated shampoo and conditioner for a long-lasting effect. We recommend GK Hair Color Shield Shampoo & Conditioner because this duo is augmented with natural Keratin blend Juvexin that will tame your hair perfectly and protect it against harmful UV rays and other environmental aggressors. Go for products which will pamper your new hair color and look for sulphate-free and paraben-free products to revive your hair.
  3. Coloring hair will fast forward greying
    Absolutely not! Grey hair primarily depends on your lifestyle and genes. Coloring hair will instead cover your silver sparkles. For low maintenance, go for lighter shade of hair color which are blend well with your natural color, resulting in richer and shinier results. Lighter shade like icy blonde hair color would seamlessly merge in and cover all grey streaks.
  4. Never color your hair in Summers
    One of the misconceptions that revolve around hair coloring is that one must not get hair dyed in summers. But coloring hair has nothing to do with the season. Whether your hair is colored or not, you still need to protect your hair from the harmful sun radiations; irrespective of the season. The GK Hair Color Shield Shampoo offer long lasting moisturization and promotes color to last longer. It is an exclusive combination of aloe vera & natural flower seed oils. The enrichment of Juvexin Keratin treatment along with color will leave hair soft, frizz free and coloured. Repair your hair as you color!
  5. Stay away from pool water!
    Chlorine treated water can ruin your freshly color treated hair. Applying some hair mask before jumping into the pool is a good idea. This will protect color and prevent it from washing away.
    Getting dyed with the trending hair colors without worrying about the side effects is what GK Hair wants for all your fashionistas. Be trendy, be stylish with us.

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