Celebrate Holi Worry-free with GK Hair

Fashion2 Mar 2020

Celebrate Holi Worry-free with GK Hair

The festival of colors is around the corner. While playing with colors and water is undoubtedly joyous, but the aftermath is not desirable for our mane and skin. Extreme exposure to chemical-loaded colors, getting drenched in colored water, certainly doubles the joy of Holi. Saying, that following a proper hair care routine is highly recommended while playing with colors. Here’s a list of pre-and post-Holi tips on how to care hair to keep them healthy and damage-free. 

Pre-Holi Hair Care Tips 

Oiling: It is advisable to wash your hair a day before Holi and then use any hair care oil on hair and scalp. This will avoid your hair from getting dry and frizzy. “In our hectic and busy city lives, it becomes difficult to follow a strict hair care regime. But, for good nourishment and less damage, you must take extra care of your hair before Holi. Go for GK Hair Deep Conditioning before Holi. It will keep your hair moisturized, therefore not turning them frizz-free,” advises Charles Harrison – National Technical Head, GK Hair

Tie it up: Never let your hair down while playing with colors. It will absorb more colors and make your scalp itchy and irritable. Make sure your hair is toed up – either a bun, a ponytail or a braid.

Keep it Covered: Someone with sensitive scalp must pay attention to cover their head while playing Holi, otherwise harsh chemicals in colors will cause itchiness and ruin the fun of the festival.

Post-Holi Hair Care Tips

Rinse it Off: After the fun and festivities are over, the task of washing hair is quite tiresome. While shampoo and a conditioner become the go-to-product, but it is advisable to first rinse off the color from hair and scalp with running water. Don’t forget to use cold water only. Once the water runs clear, apply shampoo and conditioner. “If your hair is treated with color, wash your tresses with Juvexin Color Shield Shampoo and Conditioner. Post rinsing apply GK Hair Argan oil serum for moisturizing,” Charles added. 

After being exposed to chemical-based colors and the onset of changing season, your hair needs some extra care. Therefore, for the next couple of weeks, keep oiling and nourishing your tresses with GK Hair products to regain healthy and lustrous hair.

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