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Fix Your Flat Iron Damage

The flat iron can be the greatest and the worst tool. This must have tool helps in creating many beautiful looks but can also create damage and an awful look. There are many problems that can come from using and overusing your flat iron. There are some quick fixes and long term solutions to your damaged and not so beautiful looking tresses.

The flat iron is not the only one to blame when it comes to breakage. Blowdrying, flat ironing and coloring all contribute to damage. There are things you can do to prevent damage and things to treat the damage that has been caused.
Use a wide tooth comb to detangle knots when your hair is wet– this is more gentle than a brush as a brush can cause more breakage.
Turn your flat iron down 40-80°– using your flat iron on the highest heat setting is the most damaging and does not prevent having to pass the iron repeatedly over the same section.
Protect your hair before applying heat– use a silicon based serum or heat protection spray to coat and protect each strand. You may see steam as you apply heat but this is from the moisture on your hair not your hair itself.
Give you hair a weekly moisture dose– using a leave in conditioning cream or deep conditioning treatment once a week will provide your hair with moisture and nourishment to repair damage.
Disguise flyaways with serum– always finish your look with a shine serum, this will smooth down flyaways caused by breakage and give you a perfected, damage free looking finish.

Although the flat iron is great at smoothing out kinks and creases, it can easily create a dent. When using the flat iron you can leave a dent or kink by leaving it in the same place for too long, or by not moving it down the hair shaft in a smooth motion. If you create a dent there are a few ways to fix it.
Re-straighten in a slow smooth motion– when applying this extra heat you should turn your flat iron down approx. 40-80° and pass the iron over the dent slowly and smoothly. This may only smooth out and not totally eliminate the dent.
Dampen, dry, and restyle– to completely remove the dent you should dampen the section, dry with the blowdryer, pulling the brush tight and in a smooth downward angle. Finish with your flat iron to seal and finish.

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