Uncategorized27 Sep 2019

Get the Glam Hairstyle: The Polished Ponytail

When a busy night lies ahead, sometimes you just need a stylish low-maintenance style that gets hair up and out of the way. Enter the prettied-up ponytail. To pull off the sleek ’60s style Lucy Liu recently wore, simply follow these how to steps:

  1. Before getting out of the shower or towel-drying your hair, squeeze out excess water and coat wet hair with a generous amount of the GKhair Serum to prevent hair from frizzing as it dries.
  2. Next, create a defined side part and blow-dry your hair with a flat paddle brush. (Don’t worry about getting hair super straight—this style is supposed to have some shape and volume.)
  3. Once hair is dry, pull back into a loose side bun and secure using a clip or bobby pins, not a hair band (which can create a kink in pre-styled hair). Let your hair sit for 10 to 15 minutes.
  4. Shake hair loose and flip with hands to create volume. To add definition to the pony, place a drop of the GKhair Serum in your palms and run through hair for a smooth finish. Quickly bring hair together in a pony on the top of your head and secure with a band. Keep hair frizz-free throughout the night with a spray of the GKhair Leave-in Spray.
  5. For a really polished style like Lucy Liu’s, take a strand of hair and wrap around base of ponytail until it completely covers the band. Secure ends of strand with pins.

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