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Growing Out a Haircut

Although we want every haircut to be perfect, unfortunately throughout life there may be some mistakes; an at home trim that turned into an awful cut, a stylist that got a little scissor happy, or just a cut that does not suit your face.

Growing out bangs is the toughest challenge; you must always avoid cutting them short again. Once bangs get to the length that they are right to your eyes you will be able to part them in the center and style them into the rest of your hair. You can always grow out your bangs into a side swept bang.
Short Layers
Growing out short layers is also very difficult. If you can be bold and get your hair cut into a much shorter cut like a bob, you will instantly loose the wispy ends and eliminate the look of drastic layers. Trimming the bottom and not the layers is key.
Growing out a bob can be very tedious. One of the best ways to make this process less boring is to cut bangs; they draw attention to a new area and give your look more depth. When styling your hair, waves and curls create more movement to a flat look.
The key to growing out a haircut is frequent trims and a lot of patience and keep in mind that hair grows up to 6 inches per year.

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