Uncategorized27 Sep 2019

Holiday Beauty Looks

The holidays are full of planning and purchasing gifts, making plans for celebrating and entertaining and shopping for the perfect holiday look. To make things a little easier we have put together a few quick ways to create a holiday look.
Glitzy Headbands
A headband can dress up any hair style and look, especially one with some sparkle or sequins. A slim dark headband is subtle while a bigger sequin headband will make a statement.
Metallic Eyeshadow
Using gold or silver on your lids creates a very festive look while bringing a very bright beaming appearance to your eyes.
Red Lipstick
A bright or deep red lip is very sexy and chic, the perfect look for any holiday event. Red lipstick is very bold and daring, you can achieve the same affect but slightly more subtle by using a lipgloss or lip stain.

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