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How to get beach waves

With the days getting warmer and warmer, it’s safe to say that spring is here! Spring styles and trends tend to be more relaxed, casual and care-free. One of the biggest trends seen every year is beach waved hair. This look is popular on and off the sand; it’s sexy, free spirited and can be dressed up or down.

To get the beach waved look without the beach:

  • Begin with your hair dry, it can be wavy, lightly curled or straight.
  • This look works best with hair that is not freshly washed as it is supposed to look slightly undone.
  • Part your hair in the center with a straight defined part.
  • Divide your hair into 2 inch sections and begin to curl from the midlengths to ends, starting some curls higher and some lower.
  • Hold the curling iron in a vertical position.
  • Wrap the hair around the curling iron, keeping is flat against the barrel by avoiding twisting.
  • When wrapping the hair around the curling iron keep as much space between the hair as possible as you wrap it around the curling iron. This will create very loose waves.
  • If your hair is very long you will curl begin to curl, then slide the curling iron out and then start the curl in the same way where the hair remains straight.
  • Repeat this step throughout your entire head.
  • When you are gathering hair to curl it, leave random stray hairs as they are to create a more natural look.
  • Do not curl every section of your hair, leave small pieces out that are straight, curly or wavy, depending on your hairstyle before curling.
  • To finish this look take use your fingers to separate the curls and create a slightly messier look. You can also use a brush to create the same look.
  • Finally use a few drops of serum in your ends to give the look of shiny summer hair.
  • Finish this look with a texturizing spray, wax or hairspray to hold it in place.

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