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How to Get Lauren Conrad’s Look

If complicated hairstyles aren’t your thing, try Lauren Conrad’s laid-back  braided look. This California-girl hairstyle works anyhere! A trendsetter of the recent braided boho hairstyle, Lauren Conrad gives a low-key twist on this braided updo. She makes it seem fresh and elegant by adding a few tightly woven strands into her loose hairstyle.
Here’s how to get her cool, laid-back look:

  1. Start by blow drying clean hair. Apply the GKhair Serum on the ends for frizz-free hair.
  2. Wrap thick sections around a two-inch-barrel curling iron and gently separate curls with fingers.
  3. Create two to three thin braids on either side of your part. Don’t braid your hair too tightly—it needs to move around for the next step.
  4. Leaving braids hanging in the front, pull back waves and braids into a loose, messy bun. Twist hair slightly before tucking ends of bun underneath the mound waves and secure with pins.
  5. Taking one braid at a time, gently pull back each braid and tuck it into waves, securing with pins. Set with the GKhair Leave-In Spray.
  6. Loosen a few front pieces to frame the face.

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