Uncategorized27 Sep 2019

How to Get that Side-Pinned Look

  • Sometimes the simplest looks can be the chicest. One of these easy-to-do, classic looks that is becoming more and more popular on the red carpet is side pinned hair. This look is elegant and sophisticated and perfect for a night out.
  • To create this look you need less than 2 minutes and 4-6 bobby pins depending on your hair thickness.
  • Start with your hair curled, waved or straight; the most elegant look is with large, full waves.
  • Part your hair in your desired position; the look is more dramatic with a deep side part.
  • Take the hair from the side that the part is on and bring it the back of your head; the further back you bring your hair, the more dramatic the look.
  • Secure the side by sliding bobby pins into your hair where you have pulled the side back. For a sleek look slide the bobby pins in horizontally and crisscross them for a tight hold. For an edgier look use wide bobby pins and slide them in vertically to allow them to be seen.

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