Uncategorized26 Sep 2019

Intensive braiding

Braids are fun and pretty, and everyone, with any type of hair can completely rock them in one way or the other. In intricate styles like cornrows and multiple braids, you pull at your strands ruthlessly, applying physical tension on the follicles. This disturbs the ability of follicles to regulate moisture and nutrients in the hair. Furthermore, intricate weaving can damage and cause breakage in your strands if you keep them braided for a long time. Therefore, you should avoid not only braids, but all tight and complicated updos as much as possible. Instead, always try to opt for a loose hairstyle which allows the follicles to work breathe and work efficiently.
There will be days when you style your hair perfectly but you feel that it lacks the fresh, pretty appearance. You can always spray on GKhair’s Dry Oil Shine Spray to fix this. It adds instant shine to your hair without weighing it down or leaving unwanted residue.

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