Uncategorized27 Sep 2019

Kate Hudson’s beach look

Ever wonder how you can get that carefree summer look just like Kate Hudson on the red carpet? Look like you just stepped off the beach, but with shinier and healthier hair!
It’s summer and the weather is heating up, so it is time to turn off the hairdryer and let your hair air dry. To get the look, apply the GKhair Leave-in Spray to your damp hair, level with the ears and below. After spraying, immediately scrunch the hair for the wavy effect. Separate the waves with your fingers for pieces of the hair to show better. When hair is dry, apply GKHair Serum to the body of the hair to combat the inevitable frizz and flyaway hairs.
For a more defined look, choose the size most suited to your curls on our 4 in 1 curling iron set. When wrapping the hair around the curling iron, keep as much space as possible between each hair. This will create very loose waves. Separate the waves as well to finish the carefree looka

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