Uncategorized26 Sep 2019

Make your blonde hair perfect this summer

When it comes to environmental damage to hair, we all know that blonde hair is by all means the hardest to maintain. Over time, brassy tones would appear in your cool platinum or ash blondes that you wouldn’t like very much. Furthermore, being generally fine in texture, it is more susceptible to frizz and dryness as well. Summer haircare for blonde hair, on top, becomes even more difficult as it is very exposed during this season. Consequently, one needs to keep so many things in mind in order to style blonde hair as well.

A dip in the pool and a day at the beach are essential summer things that we all love. Besides, as much as we love the sun, it is important to note that the harmful UV/UVA solar radiations can damage our skin and hair. Moreover, chemicals like chlorine in swimming pools and the salinity found in ocean waters is also not your hair’s best friend.

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