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Try GK Hair Anti Dandruff Shampoo today to go dandruff-free! A shampoo developed to relieve flaking, scaling, and itching caused by dandruff. This dandruff shampoo contains less than 1% zinc, an ingredient that is proven to be helpful in eliminating stubborn dandruff. The ingredients also feature Juvexin, a unique anti-aging keratin-based protein, to maintain the natural brilliance of hair and enhance the health of hair by protecting it from critical environmental conditions. More so, this gentle dandruff shampoo for hair is free of any parabens, sulphates, and sodium. All these ingredients have the potential to strip off the natural moisture of your hair. Instead, this formula leaves your hair soft and manageable in one simple step- a hair wash. It is a salon-tested and recommended dandruff treatment shampoo that deep cleans your hair strands to eliminate flakes and scales while maintaining the health of your hair strands. Now wear black any day confidently with the best shampoo for dandruff.


  • Juvexin: (A keratin based anti-aging protein blend) (A keratin based anti-aging protein blend) restores your hair from the inside out and protects your color-treated hair from environmental damage
  • ZINC: Less than 1% to help control dandruff.
  • Free From Sulfates, Parabens, Phtalates, DEA, TEA.
  • We use the best ingredients to help you achieve your ultimate hair goals. 


  • Controls Dandruff
  • Soothes Itchy Scalp
  • Fortified with Juvexin
  • Sodium and Sulfate free
  • Restores pH level of the scalp
  • FDA approved
  • Safe for use after GKHair Taming System

Weight 0.28 kg


  • Cleanses the hair and restores the natural pH+ balance
  • No Sulfates, No Parabens, No Gluten, No phthalates, No DEA or TEA
  • Helps control and eliminate dandruff
  • Is gentle on the scalp and hair, provides additional nourishment

How to use

  1. Massage Shampoo into wet hair
  2. Spread & rub onto scalp gently
  3. Rinse and follow with GK Hair Conditioner

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