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GK Hair Resistant Keratin Kit Is A Professional Hair Straightening Treatment That Transforms Curly Or Wavy Tresses Into Smooth, Silky And Shiny Looking Hair. It Has In Itself The Richness Of Juvexin (A Keratin Anti-Aging Protein) Along With Anti-Static Agents And Coconut Oil That Help Maintain The Moisture In Hair By Slowing The Loss Of Moisture From The Hair, Maintaining Smooth And Nourished Strands. GK hair resistant kit with balancing range is ideal for oily/greasy hair restores natural hair oil and balances ph levels leaves hair shiny, nourished and manageable.


Anti-Static Agents That Coat The Hair With Moisture. Coconut Oil These Rich Natural Emollients Slow The Loss Of Moisture From The Hair, Maintaining Smooth And Nourished Strands.


Straightens Hair Up To 5 Months Repairs And Rejuvenates Hair Strands.


Cut Styling Time In Half Leaves Hair Soft, Smooth And Shiny Nourishes And Fortifies The Hair With Juvexin.

How to use

Shampoo Client’s Hair At Least Twice With Gkhair Ph+ Shampoo, Apply ¼ Inch From Roots And Massage Into The Hair Strands In Each Section, Comb For Even Distribution And To Remove Excess Product. Do Not Apply On The Scalp. Blow Dry Client’s Hair Until 100% Dry Then Flat Iron To Smooth And Seal The Cuticle. Wait 48 Hours Before Washing The Hair. For Detailed Instructions See Our Application Process. Bonus Resistant Is Progressive With Each Application The Results Will Last Longer And The Overall Condition Of The Hair Will Continue To Improve With Each Application.


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