Uncategorized27 Sep 2019

Pump Up The Volume

Whether we want smooth and straight locks or bouncy curls, we all want body and volume. When styling hair and adding products your hair can become weighed down and may look flat. There a few ways to get volume and body no matter how you style your hair.
Tease a little
With a teasing comb or a fine tooth comb you can create some volume at the root. Take small sections and back comb from a third of the way down the hair shaft to the root. The key to teasing is to do a little at a time and gently comb out to smooth and soften.
Using a light hold spray at the root will create some volume as the hair will not lay flat and smooth. Remember to spray the hair in sections and not directly where it will be seen, for example spray underneath the top layer.

Dry Shampoo or Powder Spray
Using a dry shampoo or powder spray not only soaks up oil but creates some body and volume at the root. Remember to apply little by little, you can always add more but you can not get it out without washing.
If your look is smooth and sleek , wavy or curly, create body and volume with these tips

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