Uncategorized27 Sep 2019

Spring Makeup Trends

This season there are a lot of different trends when it comes to makeup looks. The most popular looks are either a subtle metallic or pastels.

Applying metallic eye shadow can be difficult as if tends to leave you with glitter all over your face. The best way to avoid this is to hold a folded tissue just below your lower lashes while you apply to eye shadow, apply eye shadow before applying face makeup and mascara and then brush any dust off of your face with a fan or large makeup brush. When it comes to applying metallic eyeliner, it is most noticeable when you apply it on your bottom lash line, beginning with a darker shade in the outer corner and gradually get lighter towards the inner corner.


The pastel trend can be worn as an allover look as in this picture or as a thick eyeliner. With these light colors, layering is important to get an even look. The best way to layer eye shadow is to slightly wet your brush before choosing your color and then wipe and re moisten the brush before the next layer. To avoid being left with eye shadow dust on your face or lashes, use the same techniques as described previously.

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