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The Perfect Blowdry

Creating the perfect blowdry starts right when you step out of the shower. Follow these steps for a smooth shiny finished look.

Towel dry your hair by wrapping it up with a towel.
Tip: A turban towel is perfect for this step
While you begin to get ready your hair will start to dry. When you let down your hair it should be damp but not wet.
Tip: It is much easier to smoothly blowdry hair that is damp and not dripping wet.
Use a conditioning leave in spray or cream and work throughout your hair.
Tip: Even though you used conditioner in the shower this step is important in protecting your hair from the heat of the blow dryer to prevent dry damaged hair.

Begin at the ends, working your way up the hair shaft and comb out any knots and tangles
Tip: Always use a wide tooth comb on wet hair to prevent damage.
Section your hair, beginning at the nape of the neck and focus on one section at a time.
Tip: The smaller the section the easier and quicker the drying process will be.
Create smooth sections by pulling the hair taught and angling the blow dryer down the hair shaft.
Tip: Always angle the blow dryer in the same direction of the hair to prevent flyaways.
To create a full look use a large round brush.
Tip: At the root area blowdry the hair in the opposite direction it will lay to create volume.
Finish the look with a silicone shine serum
Tip: This will smooth away any flyaways and give added shine.

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