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The Right Cut For Your Face

No matter what face shape you have, there will always be styles that look best of you. The easiest way to determine your face shape is to stand in front of the mirror, bring all your hair off and away from your face and look at the shape of your face as if you were drawing a line from the top of your forehead, following your hairline down your cheeks and to your chin

You should have “drawn” one of the 5 basic face shapes; round, square,
oval, long or “oblong”, or heart.
Round Face Shapes
Flattering Styles
cuts that fall just below the chin
soft graduated layers
wispy and tapered ends
long or side-swept bangs
one length blunt short cuts
short curly hair
short blunt bangs

Square Face Shapes
Flattering Styles
texture with curls or choppy ends
short spiky cuts
long sleek styles with layers starting at jaw line
one-length bobs
blunt cut bangs
Oval Shape Faces
Flattering Styles
sophisticated bobs
long beach waves
short layers that add height to the top of your head
blunt cuts if your hair is thick or curly

Long or “Oblong” Face Shapes
Flattering Styles
brow-skimming bangs
chin-length bobs
curls and waves
long layers with pieces at nose, chin and collarbone height
V shape cut where layers are at front and side and hair is longer in the back
extremes- longer than collarbone and super short cuts
Heart Face Shapes
Flattering Styles
side-swept bangs
brow-grazing fringe
strong part
hair just below your chin
long layers that graze your cheekbones
short blunt cuts
short blunt bangs
harsh choppy layers

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