Uncategorized27 Sep 2019

The Top Knot

The classic bun with a twist. This slight messy, extremely exaggerated version of the traditional and feminine hair style takes just a little effort for an effortless look. The top knot is a fun, carefree, fashionable look; seen on the runway, red carpet, and streets.
Creating the top knot is simple; follow these steps for the perfect top knot:
Bring all our your hair up to the top of your head in the highest ponytail; turning your head upside down makes this very simple.
Secure your ponytail but make sure the hairs are not perfectly smooth to your head; remember slightly loose and messy is the look.
Spray hairspray and gently backcomb your ponytail to create more volume and a messier look.
Wrap your hair around the base of the ponytail; ensuring that you cover the elastic; for width wrap large looser circles, for height wrap tighter circles starting from the base each time.
Secure the bun by sliding bobby pins into the base to tuck the ends in. Criss-cross the bobby pins for a secure finish.
Finish with hairspray to hold your slightly messy look in place.

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