Uncategorized27 Sep 2019

Using a comb while hair styling can be harsh!

Combing and brushing are unavoidable since the hair strands tend to get entangled after a night’s sleep, in blowing wind and what not! Excessive combing and brushing can damage your hair’s cuticle and can result in breaking. Usually we cause more hair than normal to fall off while yanking at our hair with a comb ruthlessly. It is therefore never advisable to comb too much, especially when the hair is wet. Wet hair is weaker and therefore more susceptible to damage.
Another hair styling practice of back-combing or teasing your hair is very much common. It can give you a fuller appearance, with more volume and buff. However, running a comb through your hair, against the direction of cuticle layer which opens towards the tips of your hair, is very damaging.
Besides, combing can impart an electrostatic charge to your hair which makes it appear frizzy and unkempt. And, let’s face it, we always need a comb or a brush to detangle our hair, in the process of which, we break many strands. A good solution is to use a serum which would help to reduce friction among your strands, making it easier and milder for you to detangle it. GKhair’s Serum is a very desirable product in this regard, being a blend of argan oil and natural silicones, fortified with Juvexin.

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