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Pumped Up Ponytails

Turning the casual ponytail into a dressed up look is simple. We see celebrities on the red carpet and models walking the runway sporting ponytail looks. The ponytail can be as exaggerated and dressed up or as simple as casual as you would like. Although this hairstyle involves only a hairband, when altering the traditional ponytail, things can go wrong; too high, too low, too much volume, not enough volume, too many loose hairs, to perfected, the list is endless. This ponytail is a perfect combination of volume, height and simplicity.

  • To create this look:
  • Begin with loosely curled or flip hair.
  • Part your hair in the center and leave your swooping bangs down.
  • Take the top section of your hair and slightly tease from behind your bangs to the back of your crown.
  • Gather all of your hair, still leaving your bangs forward.
  • As you get to the center of the back of your head push the ponytail upwards to create more volume on your crown area.
  • Secure your ponytail with a thin hairband.
  • Take a small section from the underneath of your ponytail and wrap it around the base to cover the hairband and then secure the ends by sliding a bobby pin through the ends into the base of the ponytail, hiding the bobby pin.
  • Finish the look with a light hold hairspray and you have created the perfect pumped up ponytail.

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