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Fashion23 Apr 2020

What’s the Difference: Ombre vs Balayage

You enter the salon and are all excited to get your hair colored! 

The stylist welcomes you and asks you whether you want global color or highlights? While you say highlights, the next question pops out – You want to get an Ombre or Balayage? And now you’re clueless because you thought he is speaking some foreign language! Indeed, he is. 

So, let’s buckle up as we give you the difference between balayage and ombre. 

Balayage: This is a French word meaning ‘to sweep or paint’ which describes the technique of how the hair color is applied. The word dates back to the year 1970. “It is a freehand technique where the color is applied by hand in streaks instead of using the traditional foiling or cap highlighting technique,” enlightens Charles Harrison – National Technical Head, GK Hair

This technique gives natural-looking sun-kissed highlights. And one gets to see the creative bend of the hairstylist because he gets to decide where to hand paint color to enhance the overall look. There are numerous styles of balayage techniques available namely, full balayage, partial balayage, subtle balayage, American balayage, and Foliayage. 

Coloring your hair in Balayage technique can be done on all hair types; from long to short, curly to straight and this works really well in creating an illusion of volume to your thin hair. 

Ombre: On the other hand, Ombre is more of a style meaning ‘shaded’ in French. It adds drama to the hair color, creating a faded line of division between the two colors. “Ombre hair color is about mixing of two or more colors developed into a shaded look. In this technique, colour goes generally darker at the roots and then gradually gets lighter to ends, in shaded form. Hence, I would not recommend this look for those with lighter hair colors; unless you decide to shift to a darker root,” explains Charles. 

In the past few years, Ombre has gained immense popularity in the realm of hair coloring technique as it works magnificently on a wide variety of hair types, and colors. Low on maintenance and easy on budgets, ombre looks fabulous on medium length and long hair. There are two styles of ombre, salons across the world are offering – Dip-dyed ombre & Reverse ombre. 

Amongst the plethora of hair color brands flooded in the market, one brand which is offering the best, without letting you compromise on your hair quality and texture is GK Hair. The globally renowned brand has recently unveiled its revolutionary line of Juvexin cream colors which is infused with the goodness of keratin blend Juvexin. Without causing any dryness or damage, Juvexin colors introduce a beautiful shine to your hair, retaining the color for more than a month. So, if you are in a mood of trying out something crazy and adventurous, go for ombre; while if you don’t want to come out of your comfort zone but still desire to introduce your hair to some fun, balayage is for you.

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