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Your Hair Color Options

We are always looking for ways to update or change our look; hair coloring is one of the most popular but drastic changes. When it comes to coloring hair there are options to not make such dramatic changes, or such permanent ones. When exploring your hair color options you should always discuss the following choices with your stylist depending on the results that you desire.
Temporary Color
Formulated using pigments that are direct dyes (pre-formed) that penetrate only the cuticle layer of the hair shaft
Comes in a variety of forms; rinses, mousse, jellys, color shampoos, color conditioners
Typically lasts from shampoo to shampoo

Semi-Permanent Color
Direct dyes that are essentially small molecules which can penetrate into the fiber of the hair well enough to resist immediate shampooing
No chemical change to the hair occurs since peroxide and ammonia are not used
Lasts approximately 4-6 shampoos
Demi-Permanent Color
Oxidative (indirect) dyes or a combination of oxidizing dyes and nitro (direct) dyes
Often contain no ammonia and are not designed to lighten the natural hair color
Duration is generally 4 to 6 weeks

  • Permanent Hair Color
  • Lightens or darkens
  • Covers greys
  • Changes tone
  • Color dyes develop in the cortex of the hair and in conjunction with the natural remaining pigment create the new hair color
  • Designed to be re-touched and refreshed every 4 to 6 weeks
  • Always consult your professional stylist to discuss which color option is right for you and then talk about the tones and shades that work best for you.

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