A Hair Guru’s Guide to Summer Hair Care

Summer is all about enjoying the great outdoors, be it at the beach, chilling in the swimming pool or having a picnic in the park. To make sure we don’t get sunburns, we go to great lengths to choose the correct pH-balanced sunscreen that suits our skin type.

But what about our hair? The truth is that the sun can be equally harmful to our hair as it is to our skin. However, there’s no need for you to get worked up. In this short read, we will take you through some pro-tips that should be a part of your ideal summer hair care routine to help keep your hair healthy and lustrous.

A Hair Guru Guide to Summer Hair Care

1. Get that trim
The summer heralds a change of seasons and an entirely different mood for the following months. So, start off fresh by getting that trim you’ve been putting off.

The summer brings heat and dryness with it, which leads to frizzy hair and split ends. The first step to saying no more summer frizz is to get rid of split ends with a quick trim.

Don’t worry about the length you lost during the trim. It has been scientifically proven that hair grows faster during the summer than during winters. Your hair will grow back healthier and more lustrous. You will probably need a mid-season trim before long.

2. Don’t wash too often

Summers are hot and sweaty, and that icky, sweaty feeling makes us wash our hair every day. That, however, does more harm than good.

We do not realise that our hair and scalp contain natural oils, and these get washed away every time we shampoo our hair.

So instead of shampooing your hair as you usually would, simply wash your hair without a shampoo, or use a dry shampoo instead. Dry shampoos remove excess grease while improving your hair’s texture and body.

However, if you’re a person with naturally oily hair, you cannot go for too long in between washes. In that case, shift over from your regular shampoo to a milder shampoo.

When you wash your hair, apply the shampoo only to your scalp and not the entire length of your hair. That way, some natural oils will still remain on your hair.

3. Don’t forget to condition your hair

The summer sun can dry out hair at an alarming rate, making it look dull and lifeless. It is, consequently, essential to swap out your regular hair care products for moisturizing summer shampoos and conditioners.

The summer shampoo and conditioner moisturizing formula revitalizes dry and frizzy hair. The use of hair serums and oiling your hair periodically helps retain healthy-looking hair.

Leave-in conditioners

Leave-in conditioners and conditioning masks help in keeping hair moisturized as well. Once in a while, spoil yourself and completely rejuvenate your hair at your favorited salon by indulging in a professional deep conditioning session.

4. Say no to hair appliances

We’re sure that by now, you’ve understood that the heat of the summer sun is detrimental to your hair. The use of hair appliances such as blow dryers, curling irons and hair straighteners only makes hair care during the summer much harder.

These appliances generate heat and sap out moisture and vitality from our hair.

Thus, as a part of your hair care routine this summer, say no to these appliances. Instead, dab your hair dry with a microfiber towel and air dry it as you get ready for your morning. If you want to style your hair, use a paraben-free sea salt spray with sea kelp to make your hair look voluminous while giving it texture.

GK Hair ThermalStyleHer

Alternatively, you could use GK Hair ThermalStyleHer to protect your hair from the heat generated by these styling appliances and give your hair some extra nourishment.

5. Colour protection

Direct sunlight can damage coloured hair. For those who love colored hair, protecting it from the sun has to be an essential part of our summer season hair care regimen.

The use of scarves and wide-brimmed hats during the hottest hours of the day is a basic but effective way to protect hair color. Another way to ensure the colors don’t run is to always wash hair with cold water instead of hot water since the heat dries hair up and makes the colors fade.

There are also hair care products designed specifically to protect coloured hair from getting damaged by exposure to sunlight. For example, GK Hair has UVA Color Shield Shampoo and UVA Color Shield Conditioner that can protect your colored hair from the sun’s UV rays. Keep yourself hydrated This is one of the most important aspects of summer hair care. Drinking plenty of fluids and water throughout the day is essential to keep you in good health and keep your hair looking and feeling fresh. Get out there and enjoy your summer We often let our worries about things like rashes and bad hair days get in the way of actually enjoying our time outdoors. Hopefully, this short read has left you with one less thing to worry about. Healthy hair makes you feel good and confident. You now have some pretty nifty tips to help you keep your hair healthy and luscious this summer. Explore the best hair care products and enjoy your time in the sun. Flaunt your beautiful hair with GK Hair Products and fall in love with your locks.

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