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      Protect your Color-Treated Tresses

      You have got your favorite hues but are your colored tresses damaged from the harmful UV rays of the sun? Colored hair can lack vibrancy and shine due to exposure to the sun. Keep your color-treated hair protected and make the color stay longer with the right color protection products. Maintain your colored hair with color protection shampoo and conditioner, specially formulated to protect the color and handle damaged, dry hair. The color protector shampoo and conditioner will ensure that the color does not fade. Color protection products hydrate and nourish your colored locks, restoring and repairing them.

      The UV rays dry out the hair and make it weak, lightening the color. Colored hair loses its luster and vibrancy due to sun damage. Protect your colored hair from damage and keep it hydrated, retaining the color for longer by using color protection shampoo and conditioner.

      Color & UVA Protection Range from GK Hair

      GK Hair Color Shield Shampoo has a color protection formula that blocks the harsh sun rays, keeping your color-treated hair hydrated and protecting the color from fading. The hair color protector shampoo offers UV/UVA protection, avoids dryness, and helps prevent split ends. Juvexin, an anti-aging protein blend, fortifies the color-protecting Keratin shampoo from GK Hair and protects the hair from UV rays while preventing the hair color from fading.

      Finish your hair care routine with the GK Hair Color Shield Conditioner that keeps your color-processed hair vibrant, hydrated, healthy, and damage-free. The Color Protection Conditioner has a scientifically backed formula and ingredients like Juvexin that protect the hair from harmful sun rays and prevent color fading.

      Aloe vera in the UV Protection shampoo and UV Protection conditioner locks the moisture and maintains softness and shine in your color-treated hair. The Color Shield Shampoo & Conditioner duo is sulfate-free and adds shine and moisture to color-treated hair while protecting them from sun damage.

      Try GK Hair Color Shield Shampoo & Conditioner to keep your color-processed hair vibrant and healthy.

      GK Keratin Color & UVA Protection Range with Price

      Color & UVA Protection Range Price
      GK Hair Color Shield Shampoo & Conditioner 240ml Set ₹ 2,890
      GK Hair Color Shield Shampoo & Conditioner 240ml Set with Argan Serum 50ml ₹ 4,718
      GK Hair UVA Color shield Shampoo 240 ml ₹ 1,530
      GK Hair Color Shield Conditioner 650 ml ₹ 2,565
      GK Hair UVA Color Shield Conditioner 240 ml ₹ 1,530
      GK Hair Color Shield Shampoo 650 ml ₹ 2,565
      GK Hair UV Shield Duo, Cashmere Serum & Love Earth Lip Kit ₹ 6,569
      GK Hair UVA Color Shield Conditioner 150 ml ₹ 1,100


      A. GK Hair UVA Color Shield Shampoo is the best shampoo for hair color protection. The shampoo provides sun protection for colored hair and strengthens bonds, delivering intense hydration for dry and frizzy hair. The shampoo is paraben-free with aloe vera, natural keratin, flowers, and seed oil extracts.

      A. Extend the life of your hair color and protect it from harmful UV rays by following a hair care routine formulated for color-treated hair. UV protection shampoo and UV protection conditioner from GK Hair protect your hair from sun damage keeping them vibrant, moisturized, and damage-free.

      A. Experts recommend the color protector conditioner from GK Hair as the best conditioner for colored hair. The GK Hair Color Shield Conditioner with UV/UVA protection is ideal for dry and damaged color-treated hair. It maintains shine and strength while preventing the color from fading and protecting the hair from the sun’s UV rays.

      A. Color protection shampoos and conditioners safeguard the hair from sun damage. These products prevent color fading and form a shield to avoid drying out the hair when exposed to the sun. The Color Shield products from GK Hair block the harmful UV rays that cause dryness and split ends. The GK Hair Color Shield Shampoo & Conditioner duo offers UV protection and increases the longevity of hair color.