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      Shampoo cleans your hair by eliminating excess oil, dirt, and impurities. Every hair care regime includes shampoos for hygiene, and they keep the scalp and hair clean and get rid of build-up. The right shampoo for your hair must suit your hair texture and density, and it should treat scalp conditions, protect colored hair, and address concerns such as dandruff, hair loss, dry hair, oily scalp, etc. Select a keratin shampoo with ingredients that provides maximum benefits depending on your needs.

      GK Hair Shampoo Range

      GK Hair is a world leader in luxury natural keratin-based haircare and styling products. Our products harness the beauty of Juvexin, an anti-aging protein blend that can restore and regenerate hair cells from the inside out. It restores hair to its youthful state and protects it from future damage. GK shampoo range includes specially formulated shampoo variants such as moisturizing, balancing, color shield, anti-dandruff, etc. GK hair global keratin shampoos are available for every hair type. GK Hair believes in beauty and innovation inspired by haircare science that promises to restore your hair. GK keratin shampoo ingredients promote smooth and healthy hair by moisturizing and detangling the tresses for the best results.

      Buy shampoo online to restore, repair, and rejuvenate hair and avoid dry, brittle, and frizzy hair.

      GK Keratin Shampoo Range

      Shampoo Range Price
      Moisturizing Shampoo 1000 ML ₹ 4,320
      Moisturizing Shampoo 100 ML ₹ 675
      Silver Bombshell Shampoo 710 ML ₹ 2,790
      Gold Shampoo 250 ML ₹ 1,615
      Anti Dandruff Shampoo 250 ML ₹ 1,445
      Silver Bombshell Shampoo 280 ML ₹ 1,615
      UVA Color Shield Shampoo 150 ML ₹ 935
      UVA Color shield Shampoo 240 ML ₹ 1,275
      Moisturizing Shampoo Color Protection 300 ML ₹ 1,716

      GK Shampoo Conditioner Serum Cashmere


      A. Not all shampoos work for everyone. Your hair type, texture, and length will play an essential role in selecting the best shampoo. Try the GK shampoo range with the JUVEXIN® fortified formula that strengthens and smoothens all hair types. GK Hair shampoo for keratin-treated hair, dry hair, dry or oily scalp, curly or frizzy hair, and colored or damaged hair.

      A. Maintain your hair's natural oils and beautiful, long-lasting shine with GK Hair shampoos. GK Hair has a wide variety of shampoos that transform the hair texture for visibility smoother, stronger and healthier hair.

      A. Dry hair causes problems like frizz, breakage, split ends, and hair fall. GK Moisturizing Shampoo For Dry And Frizzy Hair nourishes dry, frizzy hair with natural seed oils and keratin blend. It is a sulfate-free shampoo that locks in hydration and protects hair with intense moisturization.

      A. Keratin shampoo strengthens hair and makes it more resilient by supporting your hair's natural structure without weighing it down. GK Hair shampoo range boasts keratin shampoos that help with hair growth, reduce breakage, and make it look healthier. Buy keratin shampoo online to fortify hair shafts with Juvexin, GK Hair's keratin, the core ingredient that distinguishes GK hair products.

      A. Apply a coin size amount of GK shampoo to your wet scalp. Use an adequate amount from the hair's mid-length to the ends. Leave GK shampoo on for two to three minutes and rinse thoroughly. Apply conditioner after rinsing the shampoo for healthy, stronger hair that looks smooth and shiny.