GK Hair Balancing Shampoo 1000 ml
GK Hair Balancing Shampoo 1000 ml
GK Hair Balancing Shampoo 1000 ml
GK Hair Balancing Shampoo 1000 ml
GK Hair Balancing Shampoo 1000 ml

GK Hair Balancing Shampoo 1000 ml

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GK Hair Balancing Shampoo is a crafted solution for hair that requires gentle yet effective cleansing while addressing various hair concerns. The sulfate-free formula targets both the scalp and hair, providing a balanced and nourishing experience. Whether you have normal, oily, or combination hair, this shampoo is designed to regulate natural oil production, promoting a clean and healthy scalp environment. Enriched with Juvexin, a unique blend of proteins and peptides derived from sheep wool, it penetrates deep into the hair shaft, repairing damage, and improving overall hair health. With regular use, this shampoo leaves your hair looking and feeling rejuvenated, revitalized, and full of natural shine.

Juvexin: A special blend of proteins and peptides derived from sheep wool. It penetrates into the hair shaft, repairing damage and improving overall hair health.

Natural Extracts: The shampoo contains natural extracts that provide additional nourishment to the hair and scalp, promoting a healthier environment for hair growth.

Natural Seed Oils: Deliver hydration, leaving hair nourished and conditioned.

Natural Plant Extracts: Deliver gentle moisture to dry, coarse hair.

*Free from Sulfates, Chlorides, Parabens, Glutens, DEA and TEA.

Gently cleanses the hair and scalp without making them dry or stripping natural oils.

Restores the hair's natural pH balance, promoting a healthier scalp.

Repairs, nourishes and strengthens the hair with Juvexin, reducing breakage and split ends.

Helps control excess oil, making it ideal for daily use and extended periods between washes.

Enhances hair manageability and adds a natural shine.

Wet hair thoroughly.

Apply a generous amount of GK Hair Balancing Shampoo to your palms and massage the shampoo into the scalp and work it through the hair, creating a lather.

Rinse thoroughly and repeat if necessary.

For best results, follow with GK Hair Balancing Conditioner and GK Hair Argan Serum.


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Restore your hair’s natural oil and pH levels


Natural plant extracts soothe and balance your Hair


Juvexin maintains hair strength and prevents degradation


GK Hair moisturizing shampoo and conditioner keeps my hair shiny and frizz-free. My dry hair feels soft and silky. I recommend this shampoo and conditioner since they work great and do not weigh down the hair. My hair problems are solved, and the frizzy, straw-like strands now feel perfect, thanks to GK Hair.

- Nandita Chauhan

I have fallen in love with my hair all over again after using the argan serum from GK Hair. It is so easy to use and gives instant results for frizz-free hair that feels bouncy and healthy.

- Richa Singh

My hair feels less oily after using the balancing shampoo and conditioner from GK Hair. This combo also provides colour protection and makes my hair shiny, smooth, and silky after every use.

- Dimpy Salhotra

The GK Hair balancing shampoo and conditioner protect my keratin treatment and keep my hair shiny and smooth. It is super-hydrating and works like magic for an all-day shine, leaving hair soft for 2-3 days after use.

- Sakshi Kaul

My hair is dry, frizzy and becomes very unmanageable. I have tried the 100% Natural Protein infused GK Hair Keratin Treatment and it is the best I have tried so far. It maintains my natural hair, while eliminating frizz. My hair feel softer, manageable & shinier.

- Devyani Kumari