GK Extreme Damage Shampoo Conditioner

Extreme Damage


      Restore, rejuvenate, and repair the Damage

      Reviving lifeless, dull hair that is prone to damage can be a challenging task. Hair damage can be due to many reasons, including environmental factors, prolonged exposure to heat or chemicals, incorrect hair care practices, underlying health reasons, medication, etc. Hair products can help treat damaged hair and repair it while protecting it from further damage. A range of hair care solutions like detanglers, serums, shampoo and conditioner duos work on hair to reverse the signs of damage. Avoid hair products containing sulfates, parabens, and other harmful chemicals or fragrances. Follow a suitable hair care regime and use extreme hair damage repair products to tackle dull, frizzy, and damaged hair.

      Damage Repair Range from GK Hair

      GK Hair products are formulated to keep your hair looking smooth and shiny and make them stronger. An anti-aging keratin blend, Juvexin, restores and rejuvenates hair while protecting it from future damage. The GK Hair products are infused with this magical ingredient, Juvexin, to fight damage and provide strength and shine for gorgeous tresses.

      GK Hair Gold Shampoo removes unwanted oily impurities and consists of ingredients such as aloe vera, shea butter, Juvexin, and argan oil. These ingredients protect, nourish, and restore hair, giving it suppleness, shine, and a pleasant fragrance. Try this extreme hair damage repair shampoo for silky and shiny hair to restore damaged hair and protect them from environmental effects.

      GK Hair Gold Conditioner conditions hair deeply, adding health, shine, and softness to dry, damaged, and frizzy hair. It reinfuses the natural keratin, Juvexin, and has a sulfate and paraben-free formula that nourishes and protects. Gold shampoo and conditioner duo provide cleansing, luxurious moisturization, and exquisite exuberance for healthy, rejuvenated, and youthful hair. Buy GK Hair Gold Conditioner to experience frizz-free and extra-moisturized hair.

      GK Keratin Extreme Damage Range with Price

      Extreme Damage Range Price
      GK Hair Gold Conditioner 250 ml ₹ 1,932
      GK Hair Gold Shampoo 250 ml ₹ 1,932
      GK Hair Deep Conditioner Masque 200 g ₹ 3,060
      GK Hair Gold Shampoo 250 Ml and Argan Serum 50 Ml Set ₹ 3,910
      GK Hair Gold Shampoo and Conditioner 250 MI Set ₹ 3,864
      GK Hair Gold Shampoo 250 Ml and Deep Conditioner Masque 200 G Set ₹ 5,060
      GK Hair Gold Shampoo and Conditioner 250 Ml with Deep Conditioner Masque 200 G Set ₹ 6,992
      GK Hair Serum 50 Ml Deep Conditioner Masque 200 G ₹ 5,106


      A. GK Hair Gold Shampoo is a hair damage repair shampoo that provides exceptional smoothing to your hair restoring it to its natural state. This shampoo is enriched with the magic ingredient Juvexin, adding strength to the hair and giving it a silky and shiny appearance from the first use. Use this keratin gold shampoo for long-lasting shine, luxurious moisturizing, and a unique floral fragrance for beautiful hair.