Counterfeit Warning: Caution Notice For Indian Market

Gk Hair Products Undergoes Various Quality Control Measures And Conform To Very High Standards Of Certification. Consumers Are Urged To Buy Genuine Gk Hair Products Only From This Website Or The Following Authorized Sellers On The Below Mentioned E-Commerce Platforms. Please Avoid Purchasing Such Products From Any Other Person, Entity, Or Seller On Any On The Below Mentioned Online Stores Since Those Products May Be Counterfeits, Illegal Adaptations, Infringing Devices, Or Not Suitable For The Indian Markets (Whether In Terms Of Safety, Standard, Or Certification). Gk Hair Professional And Maison D’ Auraine, I.E. The Exclusive Distributor In India (“We”/ ”Us”/ ”Our”) Shall Not Assume Responsibility For Any Such Product(S) Purchased From An Unauthorized Source.

    For Further Information Regarding Gk Hair’s Products Available For The India Market, You Can Call +91 76690 11756 Or Write To

    How To Avoid Counterfeits
    1. Purchase Products Only Through Our Certified Sellers To Avoid Any Counterfeits.
    2. Beware Of Products Offered To You At A Greater Discount Than You Normally Would Be Able To Obtain From The Certified Sellers.
    3. Do Not Purchase From Such Suspicious Sources Both Online Or Offline.
    4. Do Not Purchase Product When The Packaging Has Been Resealed, Reused Or Tampered With In Any Way.
    Brand Protection

    We Strike To Deliver High-Quality Products To Our Customers Hence We Regard Such Products As Infringement On Our Intellectual Property Rights And A Violation Of Our Registered Trademarks. We Will Not Hesitate To Issue Warning Letter, File Petitions To The Relevant Authorities To Condone The Known Offenders. Tougher Actions And Beyond, Including Further Legal Actions Against Such Illegal Counterfeiters And Distributors Will Be Carry Out If Deem Necessary. In Addition, We Would Appreciate Your Understanding And Support With Regard To The Following Requests.

    1. Please Understand That We Will Not Offer Any Quality Assurance For Products That Have Not Been Purchased Through Our Certified Sellers.
    2. Please Note That We Will Not Accept Any Liability Whatsoever For Any Damage Caused By The Use Of Counterfeit Product(S) And That Products Purchased Outside Of The Above List Of Our Certified Sellers Are Not Warranted By Us Or Supported In Any Way.
    3. Purchasers Should Be Aware That We Cannot Implement Measures Such As Investigations Into The Authenticity Of Products Purchased From Sources Other Than Our Certified Sellers.
    4. Please Contact Our Sales Representatives Immediately If Anybody Tries To Sell You Any Counterfeit Or Suspected Counterfeit Gk Products Or Mail Us Immediately At We Would Like To Encourage You, Our Customers To Join Us To Combat Counterfeits By Reporting Known Or Suspected Counterfeits To Us By Sending Us An Email. We Appreciates Your Assistance In Preventing The Distribution Of Counterfeit Products. Thank You For Reading This And For Your Support Of Our Efforts To Protect Our Customers From The Negative Experiences!