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      Strike the perfect balance for Gorgeous Hair!

      Are you seeking a solution for eliminating excess oil without stripping off your natural scalp oil? Tackle an oily scalp and greasy roots easily using balancing hair care products. Balancing shampoos and conditioners are formulated to maintain the optimum pH level and deliver a healthy scalp and lustrous hair. Choose the best ingredients that do not damage your hair or irritate your scalp. Balancing shampoos and conditioners cleans and maintains the necessary moisture, balancing the pH levels of the hair and improving its texture while adding shine. Their balancing formula is specially formulated for oily hair and does not leave residue behind. Eliminate excess oil and make every hair flip count with gorgeous bouncy, soft, and healthy tresses.

      Balancing Range from GK Hair

      GK balancing shampoo has a revolutionary formula that deeply cleanses excess oil and prevents greasy hair without irritation. An imbalance in pH levels causes hair strands to become oily and greasy. The hair-balancing shampoo from GK Hair is the best for greasy hair since it balances the pH levels and restores natural oils, delivering brilliant shine and smoothness. Try the balancing shampoo for oily hair, dry scalp, and frizzy hair to remove excess oil and balance the pH level of the scalp instantly. The unique color protection formula increases the longevity of keratin treatments and keeps hair vibrant longer. Add strength, shine, and softness while balancing the pH levels with every wash.

      Use GK balancing conditioner with the shampoo for the best results. The hair balancing conditioner from GK Hair locks in moisture, restores damaged hair, and rejuvenates it. The balancing conditioner for dry and curly hair delivers natural hydration and restores pH levels, giving healthy, shiny, and voluminous hair.

      The sulfate free balancing shampoo & conditioner from GK Hair clear oil from the roots and hydrate the ends of the hair strands without weighing your hair down. The ingredients include Juvexin, natural seed oils, natural plant extracts, and natural grain extracts. Juvexin is a keratin-based anti-aging protein blend that protects hair from damage and restores it from the inside out. Natural seed oils provide optimum hydration leaving hair moisturized and nourished. Natural plant extracts soothe and balance your tresses, providing gentle hydration. The balancing shampoo and conditioner duo is ideal for normal to oily hair.

      Buy GK Hair balancing shampoo and conditioner and say goodbye to greasy and oily hair.


      A. GK balancing shampoo is the best in India since it gently cleanses, strengthens, and softens the hair while balancing the pH levels. It is a balancing shampoo with keratin that restores the natural oils and delivers brilliant shine and strength.

      A. GK balancing conditioner restores the pH levels leaving hair nourished and conditioned. The balancing conditioner from GK Hair tames oily hair and balances the natural pH levels for smooth, fresh, and shiny hair.

      A. Balancing shampoos and conditioners maintain the pH balance of the hair and do not strip natural oils from the hair. A balancing shampoo and conditioner relieve an itchy scalp, tame the frizz, seal the hair cuticle, and prevent hair color from fading.