GK Color Shield Shampoo Conditioner

Color Shield


      Color Shield Hair Products for Radiant Nourished Hair

      Looking to color your hair but worried about damage? Get the confidence to color and protect your hair by including color protection products in your hair care regime. Hair color can give you a new look and refresh the appearance of your hair. Maintain hydration and moisturization after coloring your hair and replace the hair care products you use with the ones formulated for color protection. These products help rejuvenate and replenish the colored hair, protecting it from damage and ensuring the color looks vibrant for longer.

      A color shield product is essential to protect and maintain the color and texture of your hair. Color protection shampoos and conditioners keep your colored hair healthy and nourished and are vital for your hair care routine. Instead of products that strip the color from your hair, these specially formulated products revive the color for gorgeous luminosity.

      Color Shield Range from GK Hair

      GK Hair is a leading hair care brand with luxurious keratin based products that can address your hair concerns and tackle frizzy, dry color-treated hair. GK Hair has a range of hair color protectant shampoos and conditioners that are perfect to keep your color-processed hair healthy and vibrant. GK Hair color protecting keratin shampoos and conditioners comprise ingredients, such as Juvexin, aloe vera, natural plant extracts, seed oil, and natural grain extracts, along with polyquaternium 95. These ingredients help block the harsh sun rays and keep hair hydrated while protecting against color fading, dryness, and split ends.

      The color-protecting Keratin shampoo comprises Juvexin, protecting the hair from UV rays and preventing the hair color from fading. Aloe vera locks in moisture to maintain the shine and softness of color-treated hair. Finish the routine with the GK Hair color protector conditioner suitable for after-wash. The conditioner adds shine and moisture to color-treated strands while protecting them from sun damage. Try GK Hair color protection shampoo & conditioner to sustain your hair color for a more extended period without damage and achieve great results.


      A. Color protection shampoo & conditioner work well with colored hair and instantly tackle frizz to give you smooth, healthy, and manageable hair. The color shield shampoo and conditioner duo from GK hair moisturize and replenish the hair for a smooth texture and soft, shiny hair.

      A. GK Hair Color Shield Shampoo is perfect for color protection in your hair care routine. The color shield shampoo includes ingredients like Juvexin, aloe vera, and natural flower seeds to hydrate and maintain the vibrancy of your hair. Experts recommend this shampoo for protection against color fading, split ends, and dryness.

      A. Care for colored hair is separate from regular hair since it must resist wash-out, fade-out, and dry-out to keep the color looking healthy, shiny, and vibrant. Invest in a sulphate-free color-protecting shampoo after coloring your hair to help maintain the color longer. GK Hair Color Shield Shampoo transforms the colored hair surface and protects it from damage, prolonging its color radiance.

      A. The color protection shampoos & conditioners from GK Hair are your go-to products to nourish your colored tresses. They are formulated with color-protectin formula and prevent color fading while protecting the hair from UV rays. GK Hair Color Shield Conditioner creates a shield over each strand and ensures color protection and longevity for soft, smooth, moisturized, and healthy hair.