Best Hair Care Routine To Fight Dry Scalp And Dry Hair

If You Are an Asian, There Are Chances You're Already Familiar with Dry Scalp and Seasonal Dandruff and If You Are A Millennial, You Probably Frantically Check Your Shampoo For Harmful Chemicals Before Buying It. Read More To Know The Right 6-Step Hair Care Routine With No Sulfates, No Parabens, No Gluten, No Phthalate, No DEA Or TEA By Gkhair.

Step 1:

Busting Some Myths - Ladies, A Dry Scalp Is Caused Due to Dehydration of The Epidermis Layer on Your Scalp and Has Nothing to Do with Dandruff, Which Is Another Medical Condition on Its Own. A Dry Scalp When Hydrated Correctly Can Reduce the Flaky Look and Irritation Caused. Dry Hair Translates to A Dehydrated Hair Shaft Which Is an External Process. A Hydrating and Moisturizing Routine Should Be Our Knight in Shining Armour Here. Let Us Know What Misconceptions You Cleared After Reading This!

Step 2:

Rinse With Lukewarm or Warm Water - Use Lukewarm/Warm Water to Rinse Your Hair. The Warm Water Helps in Opening the Cuticles Of The Hair, Thus Making The Shampoo Penetrate Deeper While Removing Nasty Dirt And Oil.

Step 3:

Gkhair Moisturizing Protection Shampoo - Use Gkhair Moisturizing Protection Shampoo Where the Formula Is Fortified with Juvexin and Promises Prolonged Vitality and Brilliantly Luminous Locks. Moisturizing Shampoo for Dry and Frizzy Hair Lifts Away Grim Dirt, Nourishing the Scalp and Hair While Placing Gentle Natural Moisture. This Works for Colored and Non-Colored Hair, Both. So Fellow Red-Heads, Worry Not!

Step 4:

Gkhair Moisturizing Conditioner Protection - Extending The Moisture and Softness of The Hair, This Conditioner Effectively Moisturizes Normal to Dry and Coarse Hair. This Juvexin Infused Formula Strengthens Hair and Combats Environmental Aggressors in Everyday Life. For Example - Riding on A Bike with Hair Open, Walking into Sandstorms, Going for A Swim in Water That Has Chlorine, Etc. Gkhair Moisturizing Conditioner Protection Has No Sulfates, No Parabens, No Gluten, No Phthalate, No DEA or TEA Which Makes It More Credible and Trustable Than the Rest.

Step 5:

Gkhair Masque Hydratant - The Secret? This Juvexin Infused Formula Repairs Damage and Restores Hair by Penetrating Deep into The Hair Shafts Protecting the Hair Against Damage, Dullness, and Breakage. This Is a Step Most miss, However, It Is an Integral Part of a Healthy Hair Care Routine. Use It in This Order - Apply Evenly on The Hair from Roots to Tips > Leave It For 15-20 Mins > Use Steam for Best Results > Rinse It Properly It Results in Shiny, Soft, Healthy, and Frizz-Free Hair.

Step 6:

Rinse With Cold Water - The Last Step in This Routine Is to Gently Wash Your Hair to Remove All the Product Applied. After Rinsing with Lukewarm Water, Shift Your Temperature Handle to The Opposite Direction and Give a Quick Cold-Water Rinse For 10-20 Seconds. This Will Make Sure the Hair Follicles We Opened with The Help of Lukewarm Water Are Now Closed But This Time Taking All of The Healthy Product In.

Also, Ladies, Do Not Aggressively Dry Your Hair in Any Form Since Dry Hair Has Very Little Elasticity and Can Be Subjected to Breakage. Happy Shampoo-Ing!