Best Hair Color for Indian Skin Tones

Coloring or dyeing hair is not a new concept in India. Indian women and men have been using colors derived from nature, such as Mehendi, Indigo etc., to cover grey hair. However, hair colouring is not just restricted to covering grey but has evolved as a fashion statement.

The best hair colors of India from reputed brands are now just a click away. Trendy and vibrant colors such as chestnut coffee brown, yellow and grey hues, and color tones from rich black to platinum blonde are readily available.

The ideal hair color for your skin tones is one that complements your natural undertones and enhances your features. GK Hair color offers a range of shades that are specifically formulated to enhance Indian skin tones. If you have warm undertones, shades of red, copper and brown would be ideal for you. Shades of golden blonde, caramel, or honey blonde would be perfect if you have cool undertones.

GK Hair’s warm highlights and rich, creamy shades provide you with a natural look that beautifully complements your skin without being too overwhelming, making it the best option for Indian skin tones.

How to Choose the Best Hair Color for Indian skin

GK Hair Color

Indians have a lovely skin tone, which is neither too fair nor too dark. Most Indians have a gold-yellowish to olive skin tone. Knowing your skin tone is essential as it helps choose the right color and shade of hair color.

For instance, warm Color-toned skin goes well with cool colors and cool skin tones go well with warm colors. Therefore, today's market is flooded with a wide range of Colors, with world-class brands offering various tones and shades of Colors specially made for Indian skin. In addition, some of the Indian brands provide the best natural hair dye in India.

Usually, shades of brown to burgundy are preferred for hair coloring in India. Among highlights, red is preferred for Indian skin tones. However, we should remember that the chosen hair color should not work against skin tone but enhance it. For example, if you have a pale skin tone, you may have to stay away from golden shades and ash-brown shades of hair color.

Hair Color options for warm-toned skin:

  • Deep, rich browns such as chestnut, chocolate or auburn as base
  • Deep, rich golden brown
  • Red or copper with warm highlights

What to avoid: Jet black, violets, blues, and white as they may give a washed-out look.

Hair Color options for cool-toned skin:

  • Choose cool shades of red such as Bordeaux or burgundy.
  • Deep browns with a warm base shade like blonde to brown to red
  • Bronze tones and gold should be avoided as they create a drawn look
  • Cool shade highlights such as honey or taupe and wheat. Cool ash brown can be chosen
Best Hair Color for Indian Skin Tones GK Hair Color

Best Hair Colors for Indian Skin Tones

Here is a peek into shades of hues that complement the Indian skin tones. Most Indian women have a wheatish complexion. So the colors described here are the ones that suit them:

  1. Browns: Browns are not favoured by many in fashion circles, but brown does have several shades that complement an Indian skin tone. Warm-toned skin types can opt for ash-brown and chocolate brown, and for cool skin tones, chestnut and mahogany would be the best options.
  2. Light brown: Women with fair to medium tones can try a light brown hair color shade. This is because the Color brown is accentuated in daylight and brings alive the complexion. Light brown suits many, but as many are hesitant to try light brown, they can be used as highlighters with a dark hair base.
  3. Dark brown: The Color shade loved by most Indians is dark brown. It blends with the Indian tone and equally well with most natural hair colors making it highly sought after. GK Hair products have the best range of hair colors for every hair. Check the story about this product to know more here.. Keeping this color as a base could complement various highlighters. On black Indian hair, a gradient of light brown to dark brown can be achieved.
  4. Chestnut brown: Chestnut brown is one of the preferred shades by Indians, which goes well with darker Indian skin tone. It can be used as a good base color for light brown highlights.
  5. Cinnamon Brown: This color suits more medium-toned skin, but dusky-toned people can also use this. This is more like a reddish-brown color. Light brown highlights use this color as the base. Apart from these shades of brown, ash brown, medium golden brown, chocolate brown, caramel, toffee brown etc., can also be tried to add a makeover to your hair.
  6. Shades of red hair color: Red Color has a more extensive palette and is tricky to choose. Red or copper red goes best with whiter skin tones. Darker reds go well with olive skin tones. People with yellow-toned skin can opt for red hair color, and red shades like deep wine, auburn, and burgundy. Medium to fair toned can choose this color. Deep red can be paired with brown to create a dual-tone. Red is quite a versatile color that many hairstylists would like to use.
  7. Black shade: Black alone, and dark greys and black go well with medium to dark-complexioned skin tones. On lighter skin tones, black gives a vibrant look.
  8. Light hair color shades for Indian skin tones: There are some lighter shades to suit the Indian tone. Light colors such as golden mahogany, blonde, and honey blonde go well with Indian skin tones. But these colors better fit the fairer skin tones, and dusky skin toned people can stay away from this color. Medium-toned people can go with darker honey and dark golden shades. People with a wheatish complexion can use brown shades as a base and highlight their hair with these skin colors. Lighter shades have an ombre effect or Balayage effect as highlighters.
  9. Funky shades: Those who want to experiment their looks with bold colors can try hair colors such as purple, green, pink, or blue. The best way to use these loud colors is to use them as highlighters. Other shades include ash-blonde and platinum ash-blonde.

All in all, with the right hair color available easily in the market, one can choose the right Color and the best brands. The best natural colors available in the market can be used to make a remarkable change in appearance and also protect hair.

What Makes GK Hair Colors the Best in the Market?

One of the key features of GK Hair colors that makes them stand out is their Juvexin rich formula. Juvexin is an anti-aging keratin protein blend that not only adds vibrant and long-lasting colour to your hair, but it also helps to repair and strengthen your hair from the inside out. The Juvexin formula helps to rebuild the damaged areas of your hair, resulting in healthier, shinier, and more manageable locks.

It's important to note that GK Hair colours are formulated for professional salon use and not intended for home use. The expertise and experience of salon professionals in hair color technology and techniques ensures that you receive the perfect color while minimising hair damage. Professional colorists have the skill to customise and blend shades to create a color that is unique to your features and skin tone.

To achieve the best results with your Hair color, visit a salon and trust the expertise of professional hairdressers to deliver stunning, vibrant and long-lasting hair color that compliments your beautiful skin tone.