How To Get Lauren Conrad’s Look

If Complicated Hairstyles Aren't Your Thing, Try Lauren Conrad's Laid-Back Braided Look. This California-Girl Hairstyle Works Anywhere!
A Trendsetter of The Recent Braided Boho Hairstyle, Lauren Conrad Gives a Low-Key Twist to This Braided Updo. She Makes It Seem Fresh and Elegant by Adding A Few Tightly Woven Strands into Her Loose Hairstyle.

Here's How to Get Her Cool, Laid-Back Look:

  1. Start By Blow Drying Clean Hair. Apply The Gkhair Argan Oil Serum On the Ends for Frizz-Free Hair.
  2. Wrap Thick Sections Around a Two-Inch-Barrel Curling Iron and Gently Separate Curls with Fingers.
  3. Create Two to Three Thin Braids on Either Side of Your Part. Don't Braid Your Hair Too Tightly-It, As It Needs to Move Around for The Next Step.
  4. Leaving Braids Hanging in The Front, Pull Back Waves and Braids into A Loose, Messy Bun. Twist Hair Slightly Before Tucking It in The Ends of The Bun Underneath the Mound Waves and Secure It with Pins.
  5. Taking One Braid at A Time, Gently Pull Back Each Braid, and Tuck It into Waves, Securing it with Pins. Set With Gkhair Leave-In Conditioner Cream.
  6. Loosen A Few Front Pieces to Frame the Face.