How to Tame Frizzy Hair and Treat Dry Hair

Is dry, frizzy hair your worst grooming nightmare? Do you struggle to tame your tresses and achieve soft, manageable hair?

Regardless of your styling preferences, frizzy and dry hair can be quite the dampener. Be it long, short, straight, wavy or curly hair, a soft texture can instantly refine your look. Besides, a dry scalp can create further problems in the long run and lead to more severe issues like hair fall and thinning.

A natural sheen and lustre are the hallmark of a healthy scalp and overall wellness. Once this is achieved, you can go about experimenting with different hair lengths, styles, colours and cuts.

What causes damaged hair?

Hair damage is due to multiple reasons. The damage can be due to physical factors or chemical usage.

Physical Hair Damage

Wet hair is particularly fragile and prone to damage. Combing wet hair might pull already brittle hair to its breaking point. Irreversible hair damage can occur when stretched between 30-70%.

Most hairstyling techniques include hair wetting and immediately drying with intense heat. Repeated use of such treatments can cause permanent hair damage. Extreme dry weather causes hair shafts to repel and result in frizzy hair.

Chemical Hair Damage

Cosmetic manipulation of hair involves the use of chemicals which alter the hair shaft. Most permanent hairstyling procedures such as bleaching, straightening, colouring and perming cause changes in the hair cortex. The harsh chemicals used in these treatments remove the natural oil layer. During the hairstyling process, internal disulfide bonds of the cortex are broken. Indiscriminate and repeated chemical treatment, constant exposure to harsh environments and improper grooming habits can lead to changes in hair texture and eventually cause damage.

Other causes of frizzy hair include the static charge in hair, hot water showers, lack of hair conditioning and hairstyling.

The static charge of hair occurs when your hair gathers an electric charge and hair strands repel each other. Styling or combing such hair is difficult. Exposing hair to hot water strips the hair of its natural oil and makes it frizzier. Washing hair with lukewarm water does help.

How to Tame Frizzy Hair and Treat Dry Hair GK Hair

How to Fight the Frizz

So, is there no hope for frizzy hair? There certainly is! There are many things you can do to combat frizz and get the lustrous locks of your dreams. Now that you know the possible causes of frizzy hair, you can start by avoiding those. You can also adopt good practices to maintain healthy, manageable hair.

Start by using mild shampoos. Choose sulphate-free ones as they do not rob the hair of its natural oils. These shampoos do not dry out your scalp and help your hair retain moisture from the root to the tips.

Invest in good conditioners and anti-frizz serums. Open and raised cuticles are the reason for dry, frizzy hair. Good quality conditioners and anti-frizz serums seal the gaps between cuticles to eliminate the frizz. New age haircare brands such as GK Hair offer a range of specially formulated UV-A and UV-B shield products for deep moisturizing and conditioning.

GK Hair Deep Conditioner Masque

Periodic use of hair masks provides extra nourishment apart from deep conditioning benefits. Hair masks penetrate hair strands to repair them from within and remarkably improve hair texture and quality.

GK Hair mask and Keratin hair Spa at your home make frizzy hair smooth and manageable. Its natural seed oils add 80% more sheen to your hair. The anti-frizz hair serum from GK Hair contains the goodness of argan oil to lock in hydration and smoothen the strands to leave your hair light and bouncy.

GK Hair is a premium brand of hair care products designed to address a multitude of hair-related problems. These products contain Juvexin, a type of keratin derived from sheep wool, that works from within the hair strands to restore their balance and add moisture and sheen to hair. This serves as the perfect anti-frizz treatment that is also safe and natural.

GK Hair’s product range also comprises hair serums to impart lasting softness to your tresses.

Argan Oil Hair Serum for Dry hair and scalp issues

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Dry hair and scalp issues

Dry hair is another hair condition that is a common cause of bad hair days. It is either something you are born with or is the result of various external factors. Dry Hair is also coarse and brittle and feels rough to touch. Heat styling, humidity, sun exposure and smoking are some of the external factors leading to dry and damaged hair and scalp. 

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So, what’s the best way to tackle dry scalp and hair?

Avoid washing your hair every day. This strips hair of its natural oils (sebum) leading to dry scalp and dull, brittle hair. Washing every other day or a couple of times a week is ideal.

Harsh, chemical-laden hairstyling products used for straightening and curling can be detrimental to hair health and texture. They can eventually lead to dry hair and scalp. Even the seemingly safe blow-dryer can cause hair damage. A simple way to lessen its impact is to use the blow dryer from about six inches away from your hair.

Micronutrients such as vitamin A, Biotin(vitamin H), vitamin C and iron are essential for healthy hair. While supplements are an easy option, nothing can substitute a nutritious, well-balanced diet. Regular intake of antioxidants and omega-3 can do wonders to your crowning glory. Foods rich in these nutrients include seafood oysters, mackerels, salmons, etc.

Essential oils such as argan, peppermint, rosemary and lavender oil are very effective in arresting hair loss and preventing breakage. Coconut oil is an elixir that can do wonders for your hair health.

Ultimately, hair care and grooming boils down to regular cleansing and nourishing, and a lot depends on the products you use. It would be wise to invest in premium products for something as essential as your hair health. These brands invest in advanced research to formulate gentle and effective hair care solutions.

GK Hair is one such premium brand that takes hair care very seriously. Their products are guaranteed to confer you the many benefits of precious ingredients such as Juvexin. This revolutionary component has been extensively tested for safety and efficacy. Juvexin is a type of keratin with large molecules that impart a protective coating to each hair strand. This shield offers protection from UV rays and other harsh environmental conditions. GK Hair’s vast array of products suits all hair types, especially frizzy and dry textures.

Along with a balanced, nutritious diet and a basic fitness schedule, using GK Hair products can give you problem-free, healthy tresses always. Bad hair days can be a thing of the past.

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