Monsoon Special: How To Tame Your Frizz

Rain, Rain Go Away, Come Again Another Day Is A Stance from A Poem More Applicable to Us Now More Than It Ever Was in Our Childhoods! It's All Hunky-Dory While Pleasant Gasps Are Being Passed Under Our Breath Through the Glass Sealed Window, But the Moment the Same Splashes of Water Touch the Human Mane! Ugh, We Know the Feeling. Gkhair Is Able to Provide an Apt Solution to This Problem. Our Special Range of Hair Care Products Infused with A Patented Ingredient Called 'Juvexin' Helps Tame the Stubborn Strands on A Stubborn Sunday. Juvexin Is a Keratin Anti-Aging Protein Blend That Penetrates Through the Hair Strands Reducing Stiffness and At the Same Time Restoring Hair to A Younger and More Vibrant State While Conditioning and Moisturizing Them. It's Like a Fountain of Youth for Your Hair and Works on Even the Most Over Treated or Damaged Hair. Juvexin is Infused in Every Gkhair Product All Over the World.

Read More to Know What Products Are Suitable for You Depending Upon Your Hair Type -

For A Normal Scalp - If You Have a Scalp That Feels Slightly Dry on Some Days and Oily on Some Due to Natural Conditions, You Have a Normal Scalp. The Gkhair Juvexin-Enriched Color Shield Shampoo Is Your Knight in Shining Armour. It Is Packed with A Winning Combination of Aloe Vera and Natural Flower Seed Oils That Work Together to Retain Moisture. This Product Protects Against Harmful Environmental Damage. The UV/UVA Shield Protector Blocks Harmful Sun Rays That Cause Split-Ends and Turns Hair Dry and Brittle.

Follow This with A Color Shield Conditioner For Best Results. They Nourish and Moisturize Over-Styled, Color Treated, and Damaged Hair.

Do You Think You Fall into This Category of Hair? If Not, Read Below to Know the Other Types!

Just Like How Twins Don't Often Have Similar Choices, Two Hair Strands Do Not Respond to Moisture in A Similar Manner. This Is What Causes Uneven Frizz, Which Results in Frustrating Behavior. The Drop in Temperatures Reacts Differently to Different People's Scalps. So Don't Cry Over Spilt Beans When Your Bestie Is Able to Maintain a Gorgeous Mane During Her Trip to Bali and You Can't.

For Normal to Oily Scalp - If Your Hair Feels Greasy Within 2 Days of Washing, Then You Have a Normal to Oily Scalp. Try Using the Gkhair Balancing Shampoo and Conditioner to Help with This Hair Type. It Contains a Soothing Formula That Cleanses the Hair and Scalp While Also Nourishing Them.

Infused With Juvexin, the Balancing Shampoo Strengthens Hair, Leaving It Shiny and Healthy. This Shampoo Is Completely Gluten-Free, Sulphate-Free and Paraben-Free.

The Balancing Conditioner Ensures That All Essential Hair Oils and Nutrients from The Shampoo Are Locked In, While the Scalp Remains Nourished and Hydrated.


Sulphates are the Sudsy Detergents That Give You Squeaky-Clean Strands. If Overused, Sulphates Can Strip Away Your Natural Oils, Hair Color and Exaggerate Existing Sensitive Scalp Conditions Like Psoriasis and Dandruff, which is Responsible for Hair Loss and Thinning. All Products from Gkhair Are Sulphate-Free.

For A Normal to Dry Scalp - If Your Hair and Scalp Feel Neutral Most Times but Dry on Several Occasions, You Most Probably Have a Normal to Dry Scalp. To Balance Out This Imbalance, Try Using The Gkhair Moisturizing Color Protection Shampoo. It Is Your Secret to Swish-Worthy Dry as Well as Color Treated Hair. Packed With Natural Grain Extracts and Natural Plant Extracts, It Lifts Away Dirt and Grime, Leaving It Nourished While Delivering Gentle Natural Moisture. This Invigorating Formula is Fortified with Juvexin and Promises Prolonged Vitality and Brilliantly Luminous Locks. Follow With The Moisturizing Color Protection Conditioner For Best Results. And Not to Worry! This Works Perfectly Fine on Hair That Is Not Colored Too.

After The Shampoo and Conditioning Step Is Done, We Suggest You Use The Gkhair Argan Oil Serum To Complete the Haircare Circle. First, Pump the Serum into The Palm and Distribute It evenly by Rubbing your Hands Together. Apply Smoothly into Damp or Dry Hair, From Roots To Ends.

For Fine Hair - We Suggest You Apply The Gkhair Argan Oil Serum Which Is Weightless. This Hair Oil Works Magic on Dull and Dry Hair by Instantly Transforming It into Beautifully Smooth and Frizz-Free Hair. The Goodness of Argan Oil, Derived from The Moroccan Argan Tree, Offers Healthy Shine and Tames an Unruly Texture Without Making Your Hair Feel Greasy or Sticky.

For Dense Hair - Locks and Curls, This Is Your Time to Shine! Indulge In the Goodness of Rich Gkhair Cashmere Serum For This Hair Type. Infused With Natural Plant Oils, It Fights Frizz and Repairs Split Ends. The Goodness of Moroccan Argan Tree Oil in The Hair Serum Offers a Healthy Shine and Tames an Unruly Texture.