The Ultimate Boot Camp for your Damaged Hair

Damaged hair is a common woe amongst most men and women. But why does hair damage happen? It could be due to external factors, environmental stressors, and sun or water damage. The most common causes of split ends and hair breakage are heating tools and excessive styling. A lot of hair products end up causing more harm than good because of harsh sulphates and parabens.

While we recommend feeling your best and looking absolutely amazing, it is also necessary to take care of the damage your hair undergoes before you unknowingly invite severe hair issues. If you have been on the lookout for the best shampoo for damaged hair or hair treatment for damaged hair, then you have stumbled into the right place. We will help you reverse the damage and lead you to find the best products that will make you fall in love with your tresses all over again!

GK Shampoo Conditioner for Damaged Hair

Here is an amazing hair care routine that you should try out if you are currently suffering from damaged hair. Read to know more, and do not forget to add them to your cart!

What Shampoo to Use?

Gold Shampoo

GK Hair Gold Shampoo
The GK Hair Gold Shampoo provides unparalleled rejuvenation to your hair. It works towards restoring your hair back to its original state. The shampoo comprises aloe vera, shea butter and argan oil. These three ingredients combined protect, nourish and restore your hair, giving it a healthy suppleness and glorious shine. The GK Hair Gold Shampoo has a calming aroma which comes from a rare flower, giving it a feeling of exquisite exuberance. The juvexin-fortified formula brings strength and a soft touch to all types of hair, so you can be assured that your damaged hair is in good hands. The formulation gives you silky and shiny hair from the first use itself. Bid adieu to damaged hair as soon as possible.

What conditioner to use?

Gold Conditioner

GK Gold Conditioner

Ever heard of a conditioner which acts as liquid gold for your hair type? Well, the GK Hair Gold Conditioner is all of that and more, packed with aloe vera, shea butter and argan oil. Paired with the GK Hair Gold Shampoo, it’s a match made in heaven for damaged hair. The conditioner penetrates the shafts of your hair, giving it a smooth and manageable look. Even after long hours in the sun, the hair retains its softness and shine. Shea butter is wonderful for damaged hair since it provides nourishment to help you reverse damage at 10x the speed. Aloe vera provides loads of hydration, and argan oil gives your hair a buttery feel. What else could you ask for? This is the best conditioner for damaged hair.

What serum to use?

GK Argan Serum

GK Argan Serum

The standard for hair serums and a simple hair repair treatment bottled for you, the GK Hair Argan Serum is something you are bound to fall in love with. The best formula for folks who complain of frizzy, unmanageable hair is to try the GK Hair Argan Oil Serum. Formulated to smoothen out damp or dry hair, making it free of flyaways, it is surely worth a try. It is packed with argan oil, which we consider liquid gold for any hair type, and juvexin. Juvexin is an advanced protein which deeply nourishes the hair. This serum is suitable for damaged hair types since it forms a protective layer around your hair which helps lessen the chances of split ends or breakage. This hair serum can also be used as a finishing oil, making it multi-purpose and an all-rounder. How amazing is that?

What Hair Cream to use?

Cashmere Hair Cream

While some of us have hair that is fine and straight, some of us have coarse and unruly hair which refuses to cooperate without using a product that can hold it together. The GK Hair Cashmere Hair Cream is one such product that helps hold up your hair the way you would want it. This cream provides nourishment to dry hair, making it smooth, soft, and manageable. This styling cream moisturises the hair strands without weighing them down. This means that your go-to waves or high-maintenance updos will last longer and look healthy at the same time. The cream helps eliminate flyaways, frizz and dryness and makes your hair super shiny. It’s packed with natural grain extracts and juvexin that help lock moisture, repair damage, and smoothen out the existing coarseness of the hair. Dab some onto damp hair and watch it do its job. Make sure that you use a pea-sized amount and increase the quantity based on the length of your hair.

GK Cashmere Hair Cream

Using a combination of all these products will surely help you achieve the hair of your dreams and reverse the damage. Fall in love with your hair all over again with the help of this ultimate boot camp and our top product recommendations. The GK Hair Gold Shampoo, GK Hair Gold Conditioner, GK Hair Argan Serum and the GK Hair Cashmere will surely be the best hair routine you will ever find for your damaged tresses. You can also follow a deep hot oil hair treatment followed by our recommended products or simply use them as it is.

Say hello to beautiful damage-free hair soon with GK Hair products!

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