Which Is Better For Your Hair – Smoothening or Keratin Treatment ?

which is better for your hair smoothening or keratin

Sleek, Shiny And Straight Hair Is What Every Girl Desires. Silky And Straight Hair Gives A Completely New Dimension To Your Look. To Achieve This Gorgeous And Stylish Aesthetic, Women Are Visiting Salons. The Market Is Buzzing With Salons Offering Different Hair Straightening Treatments. From Straightening, Smoothening To Keratin Therapy, There Are Plenty Of Options. But Before Taking The Plunge And Going For Hair Straightening, You Must Know The Difference Between Them, And Which One Suits You The Best.

What Are Smoothening And Keratin?

Smoothening Is A Chemical Process Where The Bond Of The Hair Is Broken By Strong Chemicals Like Thyoglocate Which Damage The Hair Internally.

Both The Treatments Ensure Shiny, Soft And Frizz-free Hair. The Results Of Smoothening Last For 2-3 Months, While Keratin Therapy Results Last Upto 5 Months.

Keratin Therapy Nourishes The Hair, Repairing It From Inside Out, And Adds Extreme Shine And Softness To The Hair. It Makes Hair Healthier And Stronger With Each Application.

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Which Treatment Is Better?

The Application Time Also Varies In The Two. In Keratin Treatment It Takes Around 2.5 To 3 Hours While For Smoothening It Takes Approximately 5 To 6 Hours To Complete The Entire Process.

The Shine And Softness Offered By Keratin Also Adds A Waterfall Effect. It Is All About Introducing Protein – Keratin – To Hair And Protecting It From Environmental Factors Like Dust, Pollution, Uv Rays Etc. When Your Hair Lacks Protein, Keratin Therapy Helps In Refilling It Back Into Your Hair Cortex To Rejuvenate Protein Bonds. Unlike Smoothening, Keratin Restores Natural Protein And Doesn’t Alter Or Damage The Hair Structure Completely.

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