Why Choose GK Hair Keratin Treatment

If you enjoy sliding your fingers through the slick, frizz-free and shiny hair, you’re experiencing the presence of keratin—a naturally-occurring protein that makes up your hair. However, the protein is vulnerable to particular conditions. For instance, it is prone to damage when it comes in contact with environmental pollutants and is exposed to the sun’s UV rays.

This results in wearing out the keratin from your hair, leaving porous hair shafts prone to breakage. Fortunately for you, there’s a relatively quick and easy way to reverse keratin loss. This article will bring out all the essential reasons you should be taking GK Hair Keratin Treatment for your hair.


How does your hair get damaged?

Many things can damage your hair and can be anything ranging from the pillow that you rest your head on to the minute particles in your surroundings. Keratin-loss is one of the reasons for visible hair damage.

Some factors that can damage your hair are:

  • UV rays from the sun - UV rays are potent in that they can damage your hair, making it look dull, dry and thin.
  • The fabric of your pillow - Most fabrics other than satin can remove the natural moisture from your hair overnight.
  • The seats of the bus/car you travel in - Constant friction with the seats of vehicles can damage your hair, and there are chances that you can get dandruff issues.
  • The toxic chemicals in the beauty products you use - Too many artificial chemicals can ruin your natural hair and can cause hair fall, frizz and what-not.

Pollutants in the surrounding

Apart from these obvious reasons that could probably damage your hair, many other minor things can easily damage them: the comb you use, the way you shampoo and condition your hair, the after-care you do post every wash, and the frequency of washing your hair, etc.

These factors can strip the natural moisture of your hair, leaving them dry and sticky. As a result, they can cause your hair to fade and appear dull, light and unhealthy.

They can also cause your hair to break and split, giving it a worn-out look. So, understanding your hair type and what it needs to reverse the damage is the first step in trying to save it. GK Hair Products have been formulated to prevent and protect your hair from damage.

Types of damage that can happen to your hair

Here are some common forms of hair damage:


Fading of hair is one of the most common damages. Do you wonder how your mother and grandmothers have black hair, and you have brown-tinted hair? It is because your hair is overexposed to chemicals, heat and radiation! Trying to style your hair, but ending up using the wrong products, can result in all shades of wrong for your hair.

Loss of moisture

Losing natural hair moisture to the humid climate, fabrics of your pillow, sun, and everything around is common. Nevertheless, taking care to restore the natural moisture is your answer to a good hair day every day. However, if you fail to use the right products for your hair, your locks start showing signs of dryness, hair thinning, frizzy, unhealthy, and damage.

Thinning of hair

Everybody wants thick and voluminous hair. But if you are a beach or outdoor person and visit the beach frequently, you must have experienced thinning of hair. This is because the external damage done by the sun’s UV rays travels deep and damages the roots of your hair, resulting in hair fall and breakage.


Frizzy hair can affect people of all ages and gender, with some geographic factors making it more prone to some people than others. For instance, heat and humidity are two enablers of frizzy hair, with genetics and hair damage contributing to its occurrence.

Why Choose GK Hair Keratin Treatment

GK Hair has the Right Solution for You

We at GK Hair have been connecting all the dots to understand what will work best for different hair types. As a result, we proudly say that we are the only professional brand to offer hair care products with natural keratin in toxin-free formulations.

We have a range of hair care products ranging from shampoo, and conditioner to colour protect cream and frizz-free serum at our helm. They meet the purpose of different people with different hair types.

If you have naturally curly hair, we have the perfect curling shampoo, conditioner and serum to lock your tresses and make them look healthy and shiny.

On the other hand, if you have coloured your hair and are looking for the perfect products to protect your colour and maintain the hair volume, we have the colour shield shampoo, conditioner and serum for you.

We also have a frizz-free formula for your hair to protect and guard it during humid and sunny days.

The GKHair Gold shampoo smoothes your hair and makes it look shiny and thick on the outside. This shampoo is packed with natural flower seeds that your hair loves, argan oil, shea butter and Juvexin protein that shield your hair from pollutants and give your hair the right coating of wellness.

Condition and detangle your hair with any GKHair conditioner and the GKHair Gold serum to get ready to wander out with open hair, guilt-free.

GK Hair Keratin Treatment

What is so Special About GK Hair Keratin Treatment?

Curly hair can become such a menace if not appropriately maintained, and we get it if you would like to take a break from your curls. However, if you have forever been suffering from dry, thin and frizzy hair, GKHair Keratin Treatment could be the right option.

Restoring the natural protein offers your hair the shine and softness you desire. On the other hand, treating your hair with keratin ensures protection from environmental pollution and everything that can damage your hair.

The GK Hair Keratin Treatment strengthens your hair from the roots and makes your hair more manageable. It also makes your hair look thicker and healthier than ever before. It offers a long-lasting effect and is like a shield wrapping your hair strands, protecting them from any possible damage.

Get your Keratin solution from GK Hair and treat yourself with the best hair care you deserve. We all know what choosing the wrong products can do to your hair. So, keep your knowledge chamber loaded to make informed decisions and have lustrous and healthy hair not only on the outside but on the inside as well.