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Salon Professional Use Only

GKhair New Lightening Powder+ is stronger than ever with 8 levels of lift. It is fast acting with powerful lifting power. This blue base Lightening Powder+ will neutralize unwanted warm tones in the hair. Buy now GKhair New Lightening Powder+ to achieve the desired level of lift.


JUVEXIN a keratin anti-aging protein blend for the hair creating shine. Natural Ingredients to preserve the integrity of the hair.


Fast acting High lifting Blue base Easy to apply Infused with Juvexin


Formulated for use with all of the GKhair colors Provides ideal viscosity Create optimal bowl and brush application as well as bottle application

How to use

Mix Juvexin Lightening Powder+ with the GKhair Developer of your choice to achieve the desired level of lift. The Mixing ratio is 2 parts Developer to 1 part Lightening Powder+. Mixing to your desired consistently is recommended for best results. BONUS For intense lightening results mix 10% of GKhair Shield Additive+ to your total lightening mixture to create new bonds in the hair and achieve healthy blonde hair.


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