GK Hair Shield Additive

Shield Additive


      Reverse the damage and Protect your Tresses!

      Do you want stronger hair that can fight damage and looks visibly healthy? Explore the shield additive from GK Hair at your next salon visit and redefine your damaged tresses. GK Hair shield additive is a product that is mixed with salon treatments and provides the best defense and optimal protection for each strand. Shield additive is a product for damage protection and restoration of hair health, promoting hair growth and regeneration.

      GK Hair Shield Additive

      The shield additive from GK Hair is an intermixable product with salon treatments. GK shield additive creates new bonds in the hair's cortex and protects its natural structure. Juvexin, an anti-aging keratin protein blend, fortifies the shield additive. Juvexin restores dry and damaged hair. GK Hair shield additive contains soy extracts that promote regeneration and enhance hair health. The ingredients like Juvexin, soy extracts, and natural plant extracts strengthen the hair and protect it from further damage. GK shield additive is suitable for all hair types, whether dry, curly, straight, or color-treated. 

      Benefits of Shield Additive

      GK Hair shield additive is compatible with various hair services offered at salons, and it strengthens the hair and repairs damage. Shield additive improves hair health and provides strength and nourishment while protecting it from further damage. The ingredients of the GK shield additive promote hair growth and regeneration. It locks the hair's natural proteins and protects the color, giving long-lasting results. Protect your hair from sun damage and keep it vibrant with the all-natural formula of GK hair shield additive.

      Buy GK Hair shield additive to strengthen the hair shaft for healthier and stronger tresses.